Wednesday, March 31, 2010


ladies & gentleman, xxl cover may 2O1o! featuring my dear drake & the black barbie herself nicki minaj. though i don't agree with mainstream nicki's antics, i can say that she's doing her thing in the industry right now. the bitch is everywhere, you really can't turn on the radio without hearing her extra ass! & don't get me started on my @drakkardnoir, cause ya knowwwwww i love me some aubrey drake graham! he deserves it & so does she. may 2O10, cop that.



Is it me or does Erykah Badu have some of the GREATEST album covers ever? I think I'm gonna start a segment for dope album covers. You guys can submit some to the email too if you come across any ( ) feel free!

PUSH PLAY KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.

KID CUDI x Soundtrack to My Life

off the album man on the moon: end of the day, scott let's us into the window called the soul. takes us through the life & times of cudi, the joy, the pain and everything in between. i personally love cudi as an artist, and i really think the video captured all of his essence. well done jason goldwatch!

my favorite lines? "haters shake my hand but i keep my sanitizer on DECK!"
& "ass all chunky, brain is INSANITY"

hope you enjoyed the video!



you know i had to hit ya off with a tremaine fix, it's only right baby! our boy's doing big things with complex ( is it me or is he one of their favorites? ) not to say trigga doesn't look good as i don't know what in the clothes, but i'm sitting here imagining him taking them off. what?! they don't call me tiffanasty for nothin! enjoy babies!


what's better than team i can't feel my face? add a little jimmy & we have the three amigos. i know everybody's up on the controversy between mr loso & the capo; shit's gettin real on twitter! but this edition of the streets talk dvd kinda looks live. blunts, money & bitches is part of the equation of course, when isn't it? i'm kinda looking forward to seeing it!




Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MOMMY X SHE; stella mc cartney x gap.

so being the mommy i am, i have gap kids email me from time to time to let me know of their new lines and/or sales. so for the second time, stella mc cartney has partnered up with the gap for a children's line. the results are an incredible line of pieces that i would DIE to wear. sooo cute. its urban yet rock & rock. its soft & pretty with an edge. its basically like my style in bite size clothing. im absoloutely in LOOOOOOOVE. you can shop the collection at or at select gap stores around the country. here's 2 looks, one for boys & one for girls. the good part about the collection, for a few of the pieces, like the sneakers, they're unisex.



featuring from the Black Eyed Peas. His album seems as if it's pretty good so far from what ive heard & i know this will definitely have the clubs rockin out. Raymond vs. Raymond is in stores now btw, so go support your daddy, lol.


yooooo erykah has a fatty. i mean i KNEW she had an ass, but it definitely has gotten chunkier. jay electronica definitely put work into that, lol. this chic has mega balls to really walk down the street in front of people & strip down to her birthday suit without looking sleezy ; <3 gotta love her. what i love most about thsi video are the innocent bystanders. if you pay attention, they are just lost with whats going on lmfao.

The sister is shedding her superficial layers. Exposing herself to the world. Facilitating her own evolution. She is assassinated at the end only to raise again in her EVOLVED STATE.

"This is also a reference to the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Erykah falls at the same spot, where JFK was shot, except it's on the sidewalk.

When the camera turns after she's down, you can see the the "X' on the street. That "X" markes where Kennedy was shot in the car.

Reference also goes for the title "Window Seat", the video intro and the "Group think" speculations about the assassination.


Groupthink is a type of thought exhibited by group members who try to minimize conflict and reach consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas. Individual creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking are lost in the pursuit of group cohesiveness, as are the advantages of reasonable balance in choice and thought that might normally be obtained by making decisions as a group. During groupthink, members of the group avoid promoting viewpoints outside the comfort zone of consensus thinking. A variety of motives for this may exist such as a desire to avoid being seen as foolish, or a desire to avoid embarrassing or angering other members of the group. Groupthink may cause groups to make hasty, irrational decisions, where individual doubts are set aside, for fear of upsetting the groups balance. The term is frequently used pejoratively, with hindsight.


new music off of erykah's new album New Amerykah part two return of the Ankh which actually dropped today! she remixed junior m.a.f.i.a's track "get money" ; its soo worth listening to - fresh & soothing. this is the perfect song to listen to as soon as you wake up & get ready for work or even before going to bed ; enjoy -



Kelis' new video for her #1 Dance single "Acapella". Kelis is the ORIGINATOR of all things unique, don't get it twisted!

- lisa lisa xo

Friday, March 26, 2010


So what do you get when you add Hollywood Holt & DJ Mano at this year's 2010 SXSW a total mayhem of success plus fun from the looks of their interview as well. I'm pretty sure these guys were far from mediocre and most certainly not you are average hip hop duo at the SXSW's music and media conference. With Dj Mano, Hollywood Holt a bit of rawness to the table. Sort of in your face, here you have it type lyrics to go with the hot tracks here's their "Bullshit" performance at SXSW following their KARMALOOP interview these guys are the complete opposite of shy. So funny & humble <3

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xoxo Dam Tam

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Rest in Peace the great&talented Eazy-E, AIDS was the cause of death so to all you young cats out there, WRAP-IT-UP & GET TESTED -team shesayxshesay

Eric Lynn Wright (September 7, 1963 – March 26, 1995), better known by the stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper, producer, and record executive from Compton, California. Widely regarded as one of the founders of the gangsta rap sub-genre, he rose to fame as the founder and member of the group N.W.A. and later achieved critical and commercial success as a solo artist.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


check out the minis-odes from our friends team FLTHY POLITICS !

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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Mykita x Romain Kremer ‘YURI’ Eyewear ; Price tag: unknown.

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my favorite girlfriend-of on the scene right now, some new pictures from one of Amber Rose's recent photoshoots;

- lisa lisa xo

Diggy Simmons going in!

In this interestingly produced video, Diggy proves he actually sounds better than his older brother Jojo anyday, flowin' on a Nas beat from "Made You Look", Diggy shows he might have a similar promising future as his dad if he keeps this up! enjoy!

check Diggy's blog here [x]

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the heavily awaited..

although you've probably seen the video before, here is Telephone by the Fabulous Lady GaGa featuring Beyonce, somewhat of a Laverne&Shirley feeling, would've been better if Beyowulf could actually act, but i'll settle for this. Also, you'll notice the "Pussy Wagon" from the infamous Quentin Tarantino film "Kill Bill", he truly let her borrow it since she's such a visionary :)
- lisa lisa xo

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MTTM - Spring 2 Collection |

usual poster girl Sweet 16 Sarah has been joined by the Head Bitch of MOB herself, Leah McSweeney for double the trouble. Enjoy.

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iNSA elephant dung heels 10" platform bad boys.
these were made as a tribute to Chris Ofili for his infamous paintings of the nineties. paying homage <3

Estelle - Freak |

this is definitely gonna be a club banger ; didnt estelle have braces tho? that grill still lookin cray-cray. im just sayin lol.