Tuesday, February 23, 2010


mrss jcombs
by yardie4lifever2

Teyana Taylor WHO?! Love this episode, shit was rockin' Lil Jus is Jiggggg, ayyy! Lmao @ Juelz tho "You might wanna take her to the party witchu"


As a Drake Enthusiast (the lighter term for groupie, lmfao) I'm highly anticipating this fucking album! I'm so proud of him, I mean who else is Grammy nominated sans album? Don't worry I'll wait! Drake's got me really excited with this studying! I mean, Nas & Andre 3000? Who wouldn't want to learn from them? I really hope we can in fact hear a change for the better in Drake, not that he really needs it (in my opinion) but there's nothing wrong with improving! All I can say is, HURRY THE FUCK UP DRIZZEH!



KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Okay, one of my pet peeves is when an artist has this tough ass song, leaves us anticipating a video, and when it finally comes out it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the song! (cough :drake: cough) This video was long overdue, but I'm kinda glad about the lag, because this shit came out absolutely amazing! Watch it ALL the way to the end babies! Muyyyy Illuminati, lol.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank God its Lil' Friday! |

His flow is unmatchable to any other artist we've come across. If you want a little taste of what he may sound like, we'd say Andre 3000, but throw a little bit of Flatbush sprinkles on top. With his vivid lines he paints a real life picture of who he is & the lifestyle he lives. believe us it's not sugar coated, lol. With this song Lil' Friday gives a twist of how the night life is lived. . see for yourself.

you can follow him on twitter //-- @EffFreddy

Addiction (Freebie) Ft. Lil' Friday by GalaxRecordings

Love, Bonnie xoxo Dam Tam

Thursday, February 18, 2010


She was the hardest thing wearing a wig & her stage performances were crack!
She was the best female rapper. . Kim, why cant you just dig back into your good old persona & turn it the fuck up again?!

Love, Bonnie


Fafi's Spring/Summer line for 2010 is in progress and on it's way. I pulled a few items that stuck out to me. Fly or Fail? (Minus the jackey, we KNOW it's a fly)

-bidi smalls


A took a chance on her when no one else would & look at her now!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

who said Japanese girls have no rhythym?

please watch this hilarious video of japanese girls dancing to Peaches - Mommy Complex. Enjoy!

- lisa lisa <3

Sade's Soldier Of Love Climbs to Billboard's #1

I don't think I've come across anyone who doesn't LOVE Sade's smooth like butta voice! The songstress last album release was a decade ago but none the less her album dropped February 8th, 2010. Her 1st single 'Soldier Of Love' is already #1 on the Billboard charts which goes to show you no matter how long she's gone her true fans will always follow with her 6th full length album she is most definitely taking next weeks Billboard 200 charts top spot. It has a lot to do with this passed weekend being Valentine's Day Weekend I'm sure a lot of babies were made due to this spectacular album! In Stores Now, Go Buy !

xoxo Dam Tam

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Piece of Cake;

if you're looking for something to read while you're on the go to wherever you go, or just to refresh your intellect, this book is the best choice. its the least bit of a girly book, Cupcake goes through hell and back, and its interesting until the last page!
price tag: $15.00 in store, $9.00 if bought through iPhone app store (bn app).

- lisa lisa

So Me illustrations

(vectroave.com) just a few interesting pictures i came across. So Me is an illustrator/graphic designer from Paris, France. He is also the art director at Ed banger Records. he's worked with other artists besides Keri Hilson such as Kid Cudi & Kanye West. See the rest of his work here.

- lisa lisa


Nicholas Kirkwood Fluorescent Patent Python Lace-Up Sandals
price tag: $1218.oo

- lisa lisa

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Santana frees over Snoop. You just gotta respect this nigga. Seriously.



Tom Ford


Sick instrumentals fronted by A. Rose? Why not! Concocted by the mad scientists Judah & Dub MD, the mix includes innovative beats as well as skits voiced by the bald bombshell herself. Check out the full article at http://www.broccolicity.com/blog/?p=6074


Also featured on the 'Farewell Mr Carter' mixtape, this track is nothing less than what I'd expect.

I mean, it's the Fat Belly Bella Miss AmErykah herself!

If I had to describe this in as few words as possible I'd say 'About fucking time!'





translation Good Afternoon/Evening in Italian.

Grand Sichuan is the only one in Chinatown and is in no relations to the other Grand Sichuan restaurants in Manhattan. With Chongqing-style fiery old-school Sichuan favorite draws you here for the hot pot. And what a great hot pot at affordable prices! Who wouldn't want to take a stroll in the Big City with the bright lights and stop here for delicious Chinese food?!


Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Lower East Side
125 Canal Street
(between Chrystie St & Forsyth St)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 625-9212

Nearest Transit:
Grand St (B, D)
East Broadway (F)
Canal Street (J, M, Z, N, Q, R, W, 6)
Attire: Casual, Accepts Credit Cards: No, Parking: Street.
Price Range:
Good for Groups:
Good for Kids:
Takes Reservations:
Waiter Service:
Wheelchair Accessible:
Outdoor Seating:
Good for:
Beer & Wine Only

xoxo Dam Tam

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Louis Vuitton Spring|Summer 2010 Collection New Age Traveler Backpack.

price tag: $54,000

Christine Faulkner ‘Bad Barbie’ Book Design

(courtesy of designyoutrust)came across this adorable book of photos of "Bad Barbie" slutting herself out to some of her favorite dolls. its short, but it shows you don't need to necessarily be graphic to put a message out ;)

M.i.A vs. RiHANNA |

theres been a lot of talk going on over Ri's new video Rude Boy with everyone comparing it to M.i.A - Boyz video. I truthfully think she lightly cloned the video, but M.i.A has nothing on Rihanna's ass shakin' lol. What do you think ??


Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Eye & Brow glasses aka the Ella shades.
price tag: $600

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall - Winter 2010 Events.

its that wonderful time of the year again. admin. assistants and interns running with stacks of books and cups of starbucks, tall long legged amazons running to walk into the Bryant Park tent on time for the Runway, the best of the best seeing the best of the season and what inspires all the hood people to come correct. FASHION WEEK! Here we're giving you a complete schedule to every single event going on in New York. Although its pretty accurate you won't be able to get in unless you know the right people, you might just end up with some great pics of your favorite model/actress/socialite/washed up wannabe. (ie., i seen Amber Rose today! :D

email us any pics of celebrity sightings during and after at shesayxshesay@gmail.com, Enjoy the links!

American Apparel | Best Bottom Contest.

American Apparel

Finally, the company that is famous for having provocative anorexic women on its forefront launches its own international contest. they're looking for a brand new ass to be the new "face" for their intimates and briefs lines. The winners will be flown to LA, photographed and featured online. Send in a close-up photo of your backside wearing American Apparel panties, bodysuits or briefs for consideration and vote for your personal favorites. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Submit your photo(s) between now and February 21, 2010. Two winners - selected by American Apparel judges - will be eligible to be their next butt model. The top ten contestants, as voted on by th
e public, will receive a grab bag of American Apparel items valued at $300. (whack) but at least the world gets to see your ass in all its glory. Contest ends in 8 days girls! get on it ;]
- lisa lisa <3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rihanna "Rude Boy" video.

Rihanna's new video for her latest single, "Rude Boy", off of Rated R dropped last night on Youtube, its pretty cute since she hasn't really done anything going back to her roots since her disastrous first video. The outfits are cute, not as hot as i thought they'd be, and her body's in great shape. Enjoy!

- lisa lisa

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Our very first Shoegasm; & we're starting off with a Big ass Bang! Shoe Guru's everywhere, brace yourselves, because Team She Say is about to get dicks hard & panties wet! ( We don't discriminate ) Let's get down to the Nitty & the Gritty, shall we?

Shoe Stats

Alexander McQueen
Geometric Leather pumps

I like to call these, the Bumblebee's. This lightning yellow pump will set any simply chic all black outfit on fire with ease! Pair with a smokey eye ( if you're daring enough, add some yellow to the corners; I recommend something from Urban Decay see Sephora.com ) & simple/or wildchild hair ( whatever suits you daddy! ) Overall, let the shoes talk their shit, that's what they're made for!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SHE SAY SHE SAY was created through 6 ladies of New York and New Jersey by the names of Lisa Lisa, Bonnie Blunts, Tiffanasty, Jae, Damn Tam & Bidi Smalls with a clear feminine vision. Our objective is to keep you entertained, updated, & always guessing with topics like: FLY OR FAIL, SHOEGASM, MOMMY & SHE, BON SERA, as well as a weekly playlist of music powered by LAST FM. It doesn’t stop there, because we have to set ourselves apart from the other group blogs. In order to get know us better personally we have a monthly Vlog ( Video + Blog = VLOG ) called “& I heard her say” where you get to catch up on all of us together. Just think of it as “She TV”. To top it off, we have “SHE been THERE, wore THAT” where you not only get to see outfits, but have the opportunity to buy certain outfits as well! Our foundations are divided six different ways, but unified into one voice. Listen to what SHE SAYS. Fuck wit' us.

-Team She Say.