Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SHE SAY SHE SAY was created through 6 ladies of New York and New Jersey by the names of Lisa Lisa, Bonnie Blunts, Tiffanasty, Jae, Damn Tam & Bidi Smalls with a clear feminine vision. Our objective is to keep you entertained, updated, & always guessing with topics like: FLY OR FAIL, SHOEGASM, MOMMY & SHE, BON SERA, as well as a weekly playlist of music powered by LAST FM. It doesn’t stop there, because we have to set ourselves apart from the other group blogs. In order to get know us better personally we have a monthly Vlog ( Video + Blog = VLOG ) called “& I heard her say” where you get to catch up on all of us together. Just think of it as “She TV”. To top it off, we have “SHE been THERE, wore THAT” where you not only get to see outfits, but have the opportunity to buy certain outfits as well! Our foundations are divided six different ways, but unified into one voice. Listen to what SHE SAYS. Fuck wit' us.

-Team She Say.

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