Monday, April 19, 2010


today is the one & only Mary Jane's birthday. The day that all of you herbal smokers come together & get lifted. All the non-pot heads always ask, "what makes this day so different?" ill tell you what makes this damn day so fuckin different.. its like Mothers Day. you love your mom all year, but on this day you pay homage & show your love. if you dont smoke you wont get it, just dont judge & keep it moving. if you do judge, nobody cares. we're just gonna keep inhaling the grade A shit & forget all about your opinions. I love this day because theres so many secret locations & events that go down in the city, especially if its a nice sunny day. you can meet new people & try different weed ^_^ hope everyone enjoys their 4/20 day!

in the words of Sean Paul : We Be Burnin' Not Concerning What Nobody Wanna Say ;


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